who are we?

Salt Town is an export company based in Egypt specializing in high quality rock salt from the SIWA Oasis with more than 10 years of experience. The salt mining fields in SIWA are unlike any other fields in the world—SIWA is uniquely located 18m below sea level and the salt extracted from the oasis is high quality rock salt with a purity percentage ranging from 97%-99.5%. Our rock salt is ideal for deicing which helps in ensuring safe winter road conditions as well as many other uses in a wide range of industries.



To build a sustainable future for our firm and to be Egypt's best rock salt supplier. Through offering high quality rock salt, we aim to grow into new market regions and to be the preferred export company for all of our customers.



To supply rock salt from siwa oasis and export it to world wide. We work closely with outside customers for quality, efficiency, and affordable services.

Our values

S hared vision

Achieving results

Learning through faith, love, and laughter.



Openness culture

Working with honesty, integrity, and reliability.



Why salt town?

We believe in offering high quality product to our customers and satisfying them not just the first time but every time.
Our exporting services are unmatched as the product is delivered within a flexible, cost-effective, and on time business model that meet our customer’s needs.

Having a good experience with us?
Leaving your recommendation can really be a reason that could help us grow, even if your recommendation falls under the category of constructive criticism.